For Unicorn Content, our management must be in line with the needs and demands of society, as we are considered a social agent of reference in whose field continuous labor and personal relationships are established.

For this reason, we have assumed the commitment for the elaboration of an Equality Plan between Women and Men in the company, following the guidelines established by the legislation in this matter and with absolute subjection to the integration of the principle of equal treatment and opportunities (“Ley Orgánica 3/2007, for the effective equality of women and men”).

During 2019 we will establish a work team called “Equality Commission” that will ensure compliance with said plan, prepare a preliminary diagnosis and design the Equality Plan.

The degree of corporate integration of the value of equality will mark the direction of human resources and internal and external communication of the entity during the next years

The implementation of Equality Plan will be a modernization of internal structure and relationships with society in which our actions are free from discrimination based on sex, contributing to social progress and effective equality.

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